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VJ BLIZZART (Omnitribe, NYC/SF) - Alex has been mediadiving for as long as there was online media. In 2000, he started sharing the best of his loot mashed-up on the spot with his own footage and digital artwork in kaleidoscopic sequences aiming at party-goers' dilated collective subconscious. If you see your weirdest fears laid out on the big screen in front of you, smile and let them go. If you want to know what the hell you've just seen, come and ask. If you see beauty, say hi.

Weapons of choice: Resolume and Modul8 software, Edirol video mixers, Evolution controllers

Format of choice: MJPEG

Drug of choice: Apophenia

Favorite genres: 604, psy prog, IDM, downtempo breaks, ambient

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В Kroogi с 17 марта 2008
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Тип проекта
video installations, visual art
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Upcoming gig at Gaian Mind Festival
BlizzArt has just been invited to return for another gig at an annual Gaian Mind festival in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to performing under the stars at Four Quarters again!

Check out Gaian Mind's line-up and additional info at http://gaian-mind.com/
11 апр. 2008 00:06
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